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Alfords Point
Burri Burri Room

A place where children can spread their wings

At Best Kidz Early Learning Centre, our Burri Burri Room is dedicated to our 3.5 – 5 year old children who are preparing for their first year of ‘BIG school’.

In the Burri Burri room we offer a more structured day that is built around the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), and the 5 learning outcomes of this Framework. That is, it is our goal to ensure all children leave Best Kidz with:

A strong sense of identity

The children are connected with and contribute to their world

Children develop a strong sense of well being

All children are confident and involved learners

Children are effective communicators.

Along with the 5 learning outcomes of EYLF, Best Kidz ELC staff ensure each child’s strengths and interests are incorporated into our daily program. This is an essential element of the Framework.

These practices ensure that the environment which we create is rich with opportunities for our children to explore and learn. It is a setting that is exciting and supportive for your child, with highly qualified and passionate educators by their side.


An environment which encourages individual learning and growth

Clearly, children are always learning and striving for new challenges, however this occurs individually. That is, each child will progress towards the EYLF outcomes in their own meaningful way, with assistance from the educators at Best Kidz ELC, and the aesthetically pleasing and enriching learning environments provided for the children daily.

At Best Kidz ELC, our program encompasses all areas of development to ensure each child can flourish in both the indoor and outdoor learning environments. We provide an abundance of opportunities for the children to choose activities they are interested in, and as a result learning occurs.


Learning and socialising through play and discovery

A typical day in our Burri Burri room consists of language and music group times. We also offer smaller split group times, to provide children with the opportunity to engage with more challenging concepts such as science, mathematics, creative play, language and topics of the world around them. It is these smaller split group times that assist the children with developing a better understanding of the concepts explored.

The Burri Burri children are also offered the chance to read and write and become involved in many physical outdoor activities whilst learning self-help skills. We foster this in an environment that encourages friendships to be formed with both their peers and educators. Such skills are essential during their school readiness journey.


Keeping track of development and parental engagement

Throughout the year, the educators at Best Kidz ELC document daily the activities your children are engaged in through our daily journals, along with individual observations of your child.


This is all done using an online program, which provides parents with around the clock access to your child’s learning, and encourages parent involvement through the parent communication section. All families also receive a beautiful individual learning journal as a keepsake at the end of each year.

At Best Kidz ELC we know parent input is paramount to ensure our program is diverse and individualised, and as such, encourage any suggestions from parents, and regular discussions regarding your child’s development.

Best Kidz Alfords Point

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